Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Writer's Block, I HATE YOU

            So, I have this problem. When I’m really busy, I mean so busy I don’t have time to look at a computer, let alone write, my mind is brimming with great ideas for my next book. But set me in front of a computer with hours of empty time and… I stare at a screen as blank as my mind. So, in search of inspiration, I check my e-mail, head over to facebook, look for new comments on my blog, you see where this is going, right?
            I’ve started carrying an “idea journal,” so I can jot down my flashes of brilliance, and it does help, a little. But then I end up typing a paragraph, just to delete it, wondering “Where was I going with this, again?”
            And now to the point: Can anyone help me? Seasoned writing veteran or someone who has a friend whose cousin found a trick while writing a term paper. I’m not that picky. I just need some ideas quickly, before I toss my computer monitor out the window.

Have a great weekend.  J 

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