Friday, April 27, 2012


This is from another Spencer Hill Author, Lisa Amowitz. Can't wait for this one!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Here It's Here Haunting Wednesday Is Here

The Haunting Wednesday Feature Starts Today!!!!!! Go check it out here
OR you can use the pretty little button on the side. Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Along With Exciting News…

Several of my recent posts have been about exciting news and I’ve discovered that along with exciting news comes work—and lots of it. With Angelina’s Secret, officially released less than three months ago and On Haunted Ground’s upcoming release on May 8, I’ve been busy, busy, busy, sometimes *hangs head in shame* too busy to post. Even though I’m trying to correct my evil ways, I ask for your patience. I may not always be able to post here, but rest assured I’ll be floating around cyber space somewhere.

One of these somewhere’s will be over at  Mind Reader   Many of you are familiar with Franny, and she has asked me to embark on a new adventure. Every Wednesday, for a while at least, she is dedicating her blog to Haunting Wednesdays, which will feature ME. I will be sharing a few ghost stories that can also be found in On Haunted Ground and a few new ones that can’t be found anywhere else because... well... they're new. 

Until I can get back to posting here regularly, I will at least be posting links where I can be found. Look for *crosses fingers* even more exciting news pertaining to both books soon and go check out Haunting Wednesdays tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2012



Congratulations Tore, Please email me with your  name and mailing address.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Exciting News AND A Giveaway

WOW what a week! First my daughter received her very first book deal and now this—my oh so beautiful blog makeover. Doesn’t this place just make you want to grab a drink and stay awhile. Ahhhhhhhhh I think I’m going to move in here. I simply love, love, love it. I owe ALL of my thanks to the wonderful Silvia. If you are looking for a blog makeover yourself, look no further. Click her link on the sidebar and go check out her page. She is great to work with and… well look, she did all of this.

For my THIRD bit of good news this week. My book, On Haunted Ground, is here!!!!!!!

Do you want one? All you have to do is haunt my page and leave a comment and you will be entered to win. (Sorry U.S. mailing addresses only) If you let your friends know about the giveaway through facebook, twitter, your blog etc. that will give you an additional entry—just let me know you helped spread the word in your comment. will choose the winner on April 23. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exciting News Part 1

On Monday’s post, I mentioned that I hoped to share some exciting news. Here is part one of said news (yes there is more to come which will be followed by a giveaway)

Some of you may remember a post I made quite awhile back about my daughter Keshia, getting a short story published in a book titled UnConventional—well, today I’m exercising my right to brag just a little more. Keshia’s short story, Family Ties, is all grown up now and has turned into a full-fledged book.

From Publisher's Marketplace: 
Keshia Swaim's BLOOD BOUND, in which a half-fae teenage girl starts college, but the people who killed her father have terrible plans for her... and what her allies have planned for her doesn't seem much better, to Kate Kaynak at Spencer Hill Press.

Doesn’t this sound awesome?!?! That’s because it is!!! Blood Bound is scheduled to be released September 2013


Monday, April 9, 2012


In honor of On Haunted Ground, which is SOON to be released, I’ve decided to treat myself to something special. *drum roll please* A Fabulous Makeover!!! “Oooohhh,” you may say, as you wonder, new hairstyle, a facial, new clothes?

My answer to that is... no. As fun as all of those things can be, I’ve found something better. *insert gasp* Better than new clothes?

Yes! Well, sort of. It is new clothes, but not for me, it is new clothes for my blog. That’s right, the super awesome Silvia is going to give Ghost Talk a brand new look. Silvia does beautiful work so I’m really excited about this. Since she is running a special this month on blog makeovers, I’m not sure when she will get to mine, but I know the wait will be worth it.

And *one last drum roll* (I love those) While we're waiting on the big reveal I hope to share some other exciting news this week and there may be something special for you to, so check back often.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Angelina's Friend Free downlaod

Even though this is on the sidebar, I wanted to let all of the new followers know that Angelina’s Friend is a short prequel to Angelina’s Secret and it is offered as a free download here