Haunting Images

As with all "ghost pictures" these are subjective. It is however my opinion that they contain either images of ghosts or evidence of paranormal activity. I personally took each of the  photos in the first section and can assure you that the only changes that have been made were to crop and/or lighten them to enhance their viewing.

With luck, this page will continually be under construction so check back often for new photos.

(Christopher's Secret)
I’ve never been a save the best for last type of person. This photo is without a doubt my very favorite and I will probably spend the  rest of my life trying to capture another image as good as this one.
I took this picture of my husband while we were staying  at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas. If you look closely, you should  be able to see the translucent silhouette of a little boy who appears to be  whispering in his ear.

(Orb In Motion)
Let me say that I understand there is a lot of controversy  concerning orbs, but due to the circumstance, I found this one  particularly interesting. After feeling a presence come into the room I  announced, “If  there’s anyone in here, please sit in this chair and let me take your picture.” I took several photos, which all turned out normal except for this one. Notice  how this bright orb appears to be in motion and emitting its own light.

(Basin Park Hotel)


This photo was taken after experiencing a cold spot and  high EMF readings at the Basin Park Hotel. There is an orb and  a mist that seems to be lying across the two  investigators.

(Thorncrown Chapel 1)

Even though this photo does not contain any paranormal images, I wanted you to see the building in its entirety before showing you the next picture which I believe does contain a ghostly image.

(Thorncrown Chapel 2)

Not expecting anything paranormal, I took several pictures of this magnificent building. Looking through my photos, I was  surprised to see what appears to be a ghostly image. Since this building is  constructed of glass, I know it is possible that this image is a reflection;  however, I found it interesting to see that it only appeared in this one  picture.

(Translucent Police Officer)

This picture comes in as my second favorite. I took it  while walking through an historical district. Looking closely you can see what appears to be the translucent image of a man peering into the window of a car.

Section 2
The following photos have been sent to me.

construction site
Wow, Wow and WOW! With a picture this good, I know many will automatically assume it was photo shopped, so let me tell you what little I know about it. Wanting pictures of his work, an acquaintance of my husband was taking pictures on a construction site and he got a little more than he bargained for.

Stephanie Blackwell Gutierrez, sent me this awesome picture. (Thanks Stephanie!) She took it at a restaurant while she was on vacation in New Orleans. After seeing the image of what she thought was a smiling man, she went back to the restaurant and asked them if any one recognized him. Unfortunately, no one did, but as Stephanie pointed out, the building, like many in New Orleans, was very old so it is possible that he was there long before this restaurant came into existence. Can you see him?