Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Off Topic

This has nothing to do with ghosts, writing, or publishing but I wanted to share it anyway. The other day I was playing around on the Internet and inadvertently signed up to receive the dreaded promotional emails. The next morning I had three emails from this company. Not being interested in what they were advertising I hit the delete button. Later that day I had four more—a little irritating but no harm done. I pressed my trusty little delete button once again.
To make a long story short over the next couple of days I received about 25 emails from this company. Thinking they were a little over zealous with their advertising I decided to take advantage of their opt out button. (You know that little thing you have to scroll all the way down to find then squint your eyes to see) Being a little OCD, and wanting to keep my inbox clean, I’ve clicked this button many times over the years. Usually a message will pop up asking if you’re sure that you no long want to receive emails from this company. You click okay and you’re done.
NOT THIS TIME… When I clicked that I no longer wanted to receive emails a picture of a lonely looking man came on my screen. It said this is Derrick, he’s the one who thought you would enjoy receiving these emails. Would you like to punish him? Being the sweet kindhearted person I am, I pressed the yes button. A short video started to play. A man, presumably Derrick’s boss, comes out of his office and proceeds to chew Derrick out. The boss then throws a cup of something; I like to think steaming coffee, on him.
The scene closes by saying now don’t you think that was a little harsh? If you’d like to make this up to Derrick you can choose to continue receiving our emails.
ROFL Don’t you just love creative people!!!!! I have to admit it sort of made me want to sign back up so I could opt out again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My second book has a new title. And it is...
On Haunted Ground
What do you guys think?

Sunday, June 19, 2011


As an author, there aren’t many things that compare to the feeling of knowing that one of your books is going to be published--But finding out that two of your books are going to be published is pretty sweet too.

WOOHOO IT’S TRUE!!!!!! Two of my books will be published in 2012.

By now, most of you know that my YA novel, Angelina’s Secret, is scheduled to come out through Spencer-Hill Press February of 2012.

But, ***drum roll please*** most of you didn’t know that my adult, non-fiction book, tentatively titled Our ParaNormal Lives, will be published through Llewellyn Publications. Its projected release date is August 2012.

I. Am. Pumped. And a wee bit tired J

Monday, June 6, 2011

An Author's Life

I used to daydream what it must be like to be an author. Ahhh what a life! I imagined that most authors probably lounged around in their pajamas until noon. Then they probably took their iced tea, with a twist of lemon, to the porch and gazed out over their beautiful gardens until just the perfect word came to them. When the right word did come, they’d meander back into the house and let their fingers fly across their keyboards, much like a musician might play the piano.

In the real world

Getting my first publishing contract was without a doubt one of the most exciting things that had ever happened to me. I had worked so long and so hard for this that when I got “the call” it was everything I could do just not to sob my heartfelt gratitude into the phone. It had finally happened! I was going to be a published author.
As far as my daydreams about an author’s life… Well, I must admit I do sometimes stay in my pajamas until noon. It isn’t however because I’m lounging, it’s because I simply haven’t had the time to get dressed. The part about the iced tea on the porch—um—no. The only time I even see my porch is when I notice we are completely out of food and I make a mad dash to the car. It is then that I sometimes notice my gardens, you know, the ones that are now overtaken by weeds.
As far as finding the perfect word... well...that might work in song lyrics or poetry but do you have any idea just how many words are in a novel? Don’t get me wrong, I do try to find the best word imaginable but generally, I start with having an idea for a scene, which I must get down on paper before it leaves my tired little brain never to return. Instead of my fingers flying across the keyboard, I peck out a sentence or two with one hand while I’m holding my adorable 10 week old grandson with the other. It is later, usually around midnight, when I take the idea and break it down into finding the right words for what I want to convey.
Even though things aren’t quite what I had envisioned, I must say I love being an author and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Recent Getaway

Isn’t it amazing how a vacation can simply wear you out? I returned home late Monday night from a much-needed getaway. As usual, I went to Eureka Springs Arkansas and stayed at the magnificent Crescent Hotel—and yes I have a ghost story to tell.
My husband and I were to meet some friends for lunch but as lunch dates sometimes go, we ended up extending it to include several outings. Long story short our “lunch” took up most of the day. Not getting into bed until very late the night before, we decided to take a 30-minute nap. I had just gone to sleep when I heard what sounded like my husband emptying his pockets on the nightstand. I rolled over to yell at him nicely ask him to be quiet. To my surprise, he was sleeping next to me. Typically, I would have grabbed my camera but I was truly exhausted so I went back to sleep.
After the alarm went off, I told my husband about the noise. He smiled and said, “I heard it too but I heard it twice.” He then went over to the closet and rattled the hangers. The hangers made the exact noise we had both heard. Being “professionals” at this sort of thing, we looked for a logical explanation. There were no vents in the closet or anything else we could find that would make that sound. Except perhaps, an unseen resident, telling us we shouldn’t waste such a beautiful day sleeping.
I did take a lot of pictures of the hotel but as of yet I haven’t had time to look through them to see if I captured anything out of the ordinary. If I did, which isn’t unusual at the Crescent, I will try to post them here later