Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Recent Getaway

Isn’t it amazing how a vacation can simply wear you out? I returned home late Monday night from a much-needed getaway. As usual, I went to Eureka Springs Arkansas and stayed at the magnificent Crescent Hotel—and yes I have a ghost story to tell.
My husband and I were to meet some friends for lunch but as lunch dates sometimes go, we ended up extending it to include several outings. Long story short our “lunch” took up most of the day. Not getting into bed until very late the night before, we decided to take a 30-minute nap. I had just gone to sleep when I heard what sounded like my husband emptying his pockets on the nightstand. I rolled over to yell at him nicely ask him to be quiet. To my surprise, he was sleeping next to me. Typically, I would have grabbed my camera but I was truly exhausted so I went back to sleep.
After the alarm went off, I told my husband about the noise. He smiled and said, “I heard it too but I heard it twice.” He then went over to the closet and rattled the hangers. The hangers made the exact noise we had both heard. Being “professionals” at this sort of thing, we looked for a logical explanation. There were no vents in the closet or anything else we could find that would make that sound. Except perhaps, an unseen resident, telling us we shouldn’t waste such a beautiful day sleeping.
I did take a lot of pictures of the hotel but as of yet I haven’t had time to look through them to see if I captured anything out of the ordinary. If I did, which isn’t unusual at the Crescent, I will try to post them here later


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower!
    Nice story!! I've recently came back from a Bank Holiday weekend (I live in UK) in a place called Peterborough (Cambridgeshire). I've been told this place is quite famous for ghosts and although I haven't experienced any "weird" happenings, I plan to move there so I'll let you know if I do :)
    Cool blog!

  2. Thanks Franny and a big welcome to you. Keep me posted on any ghost sightings you may have. Good luck with the move.