Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Off Topic

This has nothing to do with ghosts, writing, or publishing but I wanted to share it anyway. The other day I was playing around on the Internet and inadvertently signed up to receive the dreaded promotional emails. The next morning I had three emails from this company. Not being interested in what they were advertising I hit the delete button. Later that day I had four more—a little irritating but no harm done. I pressed my trusty little delete button once again.
To make a long story short over the next couple of days I received about 25 emails from this company. Thinking they were a little over zealous with their advertising I decided to take advantage of their opt out button. (You know that little thing you have to scroll all the way down to find then squint your eyes to see) Being a little OCD, and wanting to keep my inbox clean, I’ve clicked this button many times over the years. Usually a message will pop up asking if you’re sure that you no long want to receive emails from this company. You click okay and you’re done.
NOT THIS TIME… When I clicked that I no longer wanted to receive emails a picture of a lonely looking man came on my screen. It said this is Derrick, he’s the one who thought you would enjoy receiving these emails. Would you like to punish him? Being the sweet kindhearted person I am, I pressed the yes button. A short video started to play. A man, presumably Derrick’s boss, comes out of his office and proceeds to chew Derrick out. The boss then throws a cup of something; I like to think steaming coffee, on him.
The scene closes by saying now don’t you think that was a little harsh? If you’d like to make this up to Derrick you can choose to continue receiving our emails.
ROFL Don’t you just love creative people!!!!! I have to admit it sort of made me want to sign back up so I could opt out again.