Monday, December 1, 2014

The Ghosts of Jefferson Texas Part 2

Arriving in Jefferson on the Thursday before Halloween, my husband and I decided to go on the Jefferson Ghost Walk. This tour was already on our “must do” list and we thought it would help us get acquainted with the town and some of its fascinating history.

Just in case some of you have plans on attending this tour, I won’t go into detail about specific stories or the town’s history. What I will say is, if you get the chance to go on this tour—do it. If you’d like more information, go here.

The tour started with all of us following the owner/tour guide Jodi Brekenridge around the town. We heard interesting stories about Jefferson, its historic buildings, and of course about the ghosts that allegedly haunt the town.

 As part of the tour, we were allowed to go into an old antique shop that was officially closed for the night. Upon entering this huge building, we gathered in the first section of the building (as I said, this place is HUGE.) We stopped to hear the tour guide tell us about the building and about some of the “ghostly occurrences” that had been reported.

While standing there, I felt someone place their hand on the center of my back. Thinking it was one of the other tour goers I tried to ignore it as I listened to Jodi talk about the store. After a few minutes went by with the hand still on my back, I inched forward in the crowded room trying to give whoever it was a little more space. The hand remained.  

After a few more minutes of this, I started to feel a little agitated. Deciding to turn around and ask the person if they would like to trade me places I was shocked to see that the person standing closest to me was a couple of feet back, with his arms hanging down by his side.

Still feeling the hand on my back, my mind whirred as I faced forward again. After a short time, I reached behind my back to see if I could figure out where the sensation was coming from. There wasn’t anything or anyone there, yet I could still feel it.

As the group stood and listened to Jodi, I continued to brush at my back and sneak glances behind me. Finally when the man standing at the rear of the line gave me a strange look as if to say, “Why do you keep starring at me?” I faced forward again (with the “hand” still on me) and I tried to concentrate on the stories being told.

When Jodi told the group that we could continue on our own through the store, the “hand” began pushing me forward. This wasn’t a shove, just a slight push in the center of my back. As the group made its way to the main section of the building, most people made a left turn. Feeling the push to move forward, I did. 

Now after many opportunities to turn right or left, I continued walking in a straight line towards the back. Soon I found myself alone with the hand prodding me forward. I kept walking toward the back of the building.

 The building was dark and I could hear that most of my group was getting further and further away. With my common sense finally kicking in, I turned around to search for my husband…or at this point…anyone who had flesh.

 As soon as I turned around and headed in the opposite direction the pressure on my back was gone. I rejoined the group and didn’t have any additional experiences—that night. This was after all my first night in Jefferson Texas. Stay tuned for part 3.






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