Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exciting News Part 1

On Monday’s post, I mentioned that I hoped to share some exciting news. Here is part one of said news (yes there is more to come which will be followed by a giveaway)

Some of you may remember a post I made quite awhile back about my daughter Keshia, getting a short story published in a book titled UnConventional—well, today I’m exercising my right to brag just a little more. Keshia’s short story, Family Ties, is all grown up now and has turned into a full-fledged book.

From Publisher's Marketplace: 
Keshia Swaim's BLOOD BOUND, in which a half-fae teenage girl starts college, but the people who killed her father have terrible plans for her... and what her allies have planned for her doesn't seem much better, to Kate Kaynak at Spencer Hill Press.

Doesn’t this sound awesome?!?! That’s because it is!!! Blood Bound is scheduled to be released September 2013



  1. OMG. THAT Keshia is YOUR Keisha? Beyond awesome! Yippeee! Congratulations!

  2. LOL :) Yes, THAT Keshia, is my very own daughter, and yes I am VERY proud of her.