Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ah, Editing

             I love writing, I really do. I do not, however, love editing my work. Over and over and over. I just know I’m going to miss some huge, obvious mistake, and everyone who reads my book will laugh at me. So, being my obsessive compulsive self, I whip out my fine-toothed comb and go over my manuscript until my eyes cross. And then I pass it off to my family and make them go over it as well. Just in case.

            That being said, who wants to guess what I received over the weekend? Yep, final (hopefully) edits for On Haunted Ground. And as much as I dislike editing, it is also really cool. That means my SECOND book will be on the shelves this summer. (giggles creepily) But now my eyes have uncrossed, so I’m going to re-read my manuscript one more time…

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