Monday, January 2, 2012

A Comforting Experience

One of my goals in starting this blog was to share my personal ghost experiences. Not the bone-chilling tales of horror, (fortunately, I’ve had very few of those) but the stories that will explain why I actually enjoy having ghosts around. I had such an experience on Christmas day.
            I was lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas with all of my grandchildren. My one-year old granddaughter and I have a game where we look at the various pictures in the house and she names her relatives. Soon after she arrived on Christmas day, she pointed to a cross-stitched picture of an elderly man in a hunting cap and proudly announced “Paw-paw.” Neither of her “paw-paws” look anything like the man in the picture. But her great-grandfather looked quite a lot like him. In fact, that is why I hung the picture up in the first place.
            Her great-grandfather passed away several years before my granddaughter was born, but she acted like he was someone she saw frequently. Now, this is not the first time I’ve suspected that my father-in-law is still around. Over the years I’ve felt his presence many times, but I haven’t seen him since he passed away. Obviously, my granddaughter has. I think it is nice to know that he may not have missed out on our special day.

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