Friday, October 19, 2012

True Ghost Story: #3 from Carol Anne Hunt

Today I'm bringing another story from Carol Anne Hunt (I told you she had a lot) 
This is Carol's blog and her examiner link

As a teen, I belonged to a group of youth who all had had paranormal experiences throughout their lives. In fact, my mother, and some of the other mothers were psychics, and some eventually went into readings as a full time business. Two of my friends from that group are also currently practicing psychics of some renown in Ontario.

Every Friday night, this group and I would attend a meditation circle - our mothers would attend as they usually drove us, and would also enjoy assisting the medium/spiritual trainer who lead the group. At this group we would practice readings with cards, or personal objects (psychometry); we would meditate and pick up information for each other (mini readings) and just generally try to hone our clairvoyance skills. It was a lot of fun! Many times unusual things occurred which caused us to be even more convinced of life after death and the spirit world.

One particular night was no exception.

It was a cold and wintery night (cliche i know - but true!) and we were glad to be warmly ensconced in Mary's living room in our cozy circle. Mary, our spiritual trainer, led us through what we thought was a typical meditation - however, as we came out of the meditation, stretching and revitalizing our limbs, we noticed Mary seemed to be deep in trance of some kind.

One of the mothers then went over to "guide" Mary safely through her experience and we watched a drama unfold which pushed even our imaginative boundaries. She started to speak, but it was not her, it was a young man (later we realized a teen) who was visibly upset, and though unable to properly manipulate Mary's body, was very clearly being channeled through her. He was crying, and tears were streaming down Mary's face; he said "What's going on; where am I?"

The mother who was trying to guide Mary asked who he was. He told his name, but it came out garbled as he started to become very agitated, so it was not clear but there were distinct syllables. He kept saying he was cold, so cold, and then he froze in one spot and said, "that's me! on the ground! they are covering me up!"

We quickly guessed he was witnessing his passing somewhere in the world and the guiding mother tried to turn him "toward the light" and accept his moving forward. We sat on the edge of our seats as this drama unfolded, and were extremely fortunate to see the youth did move on, we hope successfully, and Mary came out of her trance with no knowledge of what transpired.

Was this faked? We had absolute faith in our training medium and the other moms, so we couldn't believe they would stoop to that, but it was all so melodramatic and surreal we could not be sure - until the next day, when the headlines screamed about an accident at a local highway death trap called "Precious Corners".

Today, I can't remember the youth's name, but I do remember when we read about this young person's death and his identity, the syllables we had heard "Mary" utter the night before clicked in our heads as the one we listed in the article. It had to be him! The accident had occurred at precisely the time Mary was in trance, and all the details she had related in her cozy living room surrounded by her students and friends were almost exact, as told by a confused, and frightened recently-passed spirit. There is no way she could have known any of this as it happened. I believe to this day, Mary channeled that young man's spirit and helped guide him to his afterlife, and we were willing witnesses.

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