Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Kickoff

Carol Anne Hunt will be kicking off our Halloween count down with one of her (she has many) true ghost stories. Carol is a freelance writer and I first met her when she contacted me about doing an interview involving my book, On Haunted Ground. Not only is she super nice, but she is an extremely interesting person. Like me, Carol is drawn to the unusual and as a result she writes fascinating articles. You can find them here and this is her blog

One morning, with daylight shining into the front room, I was trotting down the stairs from the bedrooms, not really paying attention to where I was stepping. It’s a path I traversed multiple times a day, both up and down.

My mother was in the living room doing some cleaning, and as I reached the last 3 steps, I glanced up and there was a woman standing at the very base of the stairs, but kind of cut off around the knees, like her legs went through the floor somehow.

She was wearing what we would call “pioneer dress”, long full skirt, pinched waist, high neckline and a shawl, and her hair was in a bun on top of her head. There was no colour to her, she just appeared a golden figure, like she was partly transparent and there was light shining through her, but clear enough that I could actually see the folds of her skirt.

I exclaimed “Oh!” as I reached the third step and in shock, I jumped the last 3 steps, I guess trying to avoid colliding with her, but in fact, I ended up jumping right through her.

I stopped when I landed, and turned to my mother, who said to me,

“You just ran through a woman!”

I was shocked she had seen what I had at exactly the same time, and with no prior communication!

Of course, at this point, we both got goose bumps.