Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Cruising around the internet, researching, of course, *coughs* I found this question in a forum: Does anyone have proof that ghosts exist? As you can imagine, there was a wide variety in the response. And, while I don’t know what the person who posted the question was looking for, it made me wonder. What do you consider “proof?”
            I know many people point to photo, video, or audio recordings as proof. But I’ve also heard this evidence explained away as doctored material, a trick of the light, or background noise. For me, personal encounters are the most compelling. But, as I discuss in On Haunted Ground, someone sufficiently set against believing in the spirit world can explain away even direct interaction with an entity as “a coincidence.” So, I guess for me, it comes down to having a little faith. Faith that # 1, I’m not crazy, and # 2, this world is bigger and more complex than I’ll ever truly understand.

So, do you believe? If so, what convinced you?

Are you a disbeliever? What would it take to change your mind?

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