Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How About That

Did you know that you can look up a list of “symptoms” of a haunted houses online? I’m not sure why this surprised me, after all, you can also find a list of signs you need a new job, have fallen in love, or are addicted to pizza. So, why not? has a list of 16 signs your house may be haunted. They are:
Possible Signals
Unexplained Noises
Doors and Cabinets Opening and Closing
Lights/electronics turning on and off by themselves
Items disappearing and reappearing Also called DOPler effect (Disappearing Object Phenomenon)
Unexplained Shadows
Odd Animal Behavior
Feeling of Being Watched

            Stronger Signals
Mild Psychokinetic Phenomena- Actually seeing a door close or light switch off.
Feeling of being touched
Hearing cries or whispers
Cold or Hot Spots
Unexplained Smells

        Very Strong Signals
Moving or levitating objects
Physical Assault
Other Physical Evidence – Unexplained writing, handprints, etc

And guess what? I’ve experienced 15 of these in my own home. And all fifteen are detailed in On Haunted Ground.  What about you? According to this list, what are the odds that your house/office/favorite hangout is haunted?

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