Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cards, Flowers and...Ghosts?

            When you think about February 14th, I’m sure candy and stuffed teddy bears come to mind. But what about a massacre? The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre happened in Chicago in 1929. The basic story is that a group of gangsters were waiting in a garage for a large shipment of booze, (this was during prohibition) when several men in police uniform busted in, disarmed the crooks, and had them all face the wall. But, instead of arresting them, the “police officers” then pulled out machine guns and shot them all to death.
            Since all of the men killed belonged to the “Bugs” Moran gang, suspicion naturally fell on his rival, Al Capone. But, since Al was in Florida at the time of the murders, he was never convicted.
            Of course, no story about brutal murders that have went unsolved would be complete without ghosts. The garage where the massacre occurred has been torn down, but people still claim to hear the sounds of machine gun fire and men shouting in the area. Supposedly animals get very agitated in the area, and sensitive people feel the overwhelming sense of terror. There are also many purported ghost photos of the area.
            I, personally, have never been there. But if you happen to be in the area, a ghost tour might be a less conventional Valentine’s night out.  J     

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