Monday, February 20, 2012

Judging a Book by It's Cover.

Over the weekend my publisher sent me the back cover of On Haunted Groundfor final approval and it got me thinking: What grabs your attention on a jacket cover? A tempting summary of the plot? An excerpt from the book? A tag line followed by advanced praise? Something else entirely? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. the imagery (and quality thereof) draws my attention

  2. I am a total book cover 'ho! hahah sorry but I am! I love a beautiful cover. Then I read the title. Sometimes that is all I need to buy the book!!!

    I LOVE the cover of Angelina's Secret and I cant WAIT to see "On Haunted Ground" !!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback vic caswell and Mindy fangedmom. And thanks for the compliments on Angelina's Secret cover. I LOVE it too.