Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Society Of The Haunted

A year or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting a group of very interesting people. Like most of us, they all have "day" jobs. It's what they did after hours that I found intriguing. They were and are paranormal  investigators. After working all week at their regular jobs, they spend their down time looking for ghosts.

Upon meeting them, it only took a few minutes to realize that these people love what they do and they take this job very seriously. They call themselves Society of the Haunted and they have 25 years combined experience in researching, educating, and investigating the paranormal. Many of the members have been featured on Animal Planet’s The Haunted. Cathy Nance, a friend of mine, is the case manager and you can get to know more about her and the group here. Go ahead and check them out. I'll be posting an interview I did with Cathy tomorrow.  

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