Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life is full of...Blessings

If you've noticed that my blog isn't being updated as frequently as it once was, I apologize. The little thing that we refer to as life marched right into my house last week and bopped me on the head. The good news is, all of these things are wonderful blessings.
Sometimes, even blessings can cause a disruption in the flow of our schedules and that is exactly what is happening to me. The first and biggest blessing to greet me last week was my 6-week-old grandson. His mommy, my daughter, had to return to work, so now little Joey spends his days with me. A blessing? Most definitely! Exhausting? Oh yeah!
After having Joey in my care for only two days, I received my MS of Angelina's Secret back from my awesome editor at Spencer-Hill. Ahhh how I've waited for this. I've longed to dig back into this manuscript and really make this book shine.  Another step closer to seeing a lifetime dream come true.
Trying to schedule myself, (I'm big on that,) on exactly how to care for a newborn and dedicate the needed time to edit my MS I get an email from my agent. He notified me that a book I've been trying to get published for several years now is getting some serious attention from a publisher. This book is non-fiction and WOW it's going to requires a lot of additional work I never considered. I need to get model releases, artist releases, property releases, etc on things from years ago. This is going to take some serious time, which at the moment I seemed to have lost all sight of.
I will continue to try to post updates, little ghosts tid bits, and of course, things for fun--I just won't be doing it as often.

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