Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview with Cathy Nance

When did you first become interested in the paranormal?
 I would have to say that my interest has always been there because I had many experiences through my life. I needed answers as to what it was and why the minute that it began.  
Have you always believed in ghosts?
I have always believed in ghosts because I always saw them or had experiences with them. 
How long have you worked as an investigator?
I have been investigating on and off my whole life. I became really serious when I joined a team in 2008. We were going out every week and sometimes up to 4 times per week.  
Do you get more calls from homeowners or business owners requesting investigations?
We get more calls from homeowners.
What percentage of the places you’ve investigated seems to have paranormal activity?
Half of the locations have things we can’t explain. Of those locations we look really hard at the evidence before we say a location is haunted. We do not say a location is haunted or has paranormal activity just because we have some things happen we cannot explain. 
Not asking for names or locations, but can you tell us about one of your most memorable investigations?
One of my most memorable locations was in south Oklahoma. The location had an evil attached to it that you could feel as soon as we went in. One of our members fell down and was muttering things that could not have been her own voice. We began to ask the entity to leave her. We captured the whole event on film. It was scary to be there. I was going up the stairs by myself and something came up behind me and was breathing on my neck but there was nothing there.

Considering all the available tools to paranormal investigators, which one or ones have, you personally had the best luck with?
I love my camera and my audio recorder, I take hundreds of pictures when we go out. 99% of the time there is nothing unexplainable in the photos. I have captured some pictures that are fantastic though! I also love evps. Especially when they are communicating with you by answering a question or remarking on what you are doing. 
Which ones have produced the least results?
I have no problem with any equipment. I believe it all has its place on an investigation. “Feelings” are something very hard to prove so of everything we use “impressions” would have the least impact.  
Certain places such as cemeteries, old hospitals, light houses, etc have the reputation of being haunted. In your opinion, is there any validity to this?
Yes there is validity. I believe that as we move through life sometimes whatever we are doing or saying can become recorded to the environment and can be replayed over and over. I also know that I have encountered intelligent spirits before within these types of locations,
Even though my debut novel, Angelina’s Secret, is a work fiction, the story eludes to the fact that children are more sensitive to the presence of ghosts. Have you found that to be true?
Yes children are more sensitive. Animals are also more sensitive. Specifically children are fresh from the other side and so they retain some essence of it. Many children have invisible friends until they are around the age of 3. Somehow 3 is a significant age for abilities to see. There are also children who continue with this until the age of 7. This is another significant time in which most people loose whatever abilities they had. A very small percentage of people retain the ability. These people we refer to as psychics or gifted.
Do you have any other stories you’d like to share? 
As a nurse once I was working the skilled unit in a facility. I was passing medications that day. I was almost at the end of my med pass and only had 3 more rooms left to go into. As a charge nurse I had keys to the facility which I carried around my neck. These keys were numerous and heavy. I knew some keys by heart from using them constantly. Other keys were almost never used. If I had to find a key it may take me awhile to do so. One of these keys was to the alarm system. If the system was tripped I would have to run to the alarm and look for the key to turn it off by trying each one until I found the one. I did not like to do this because it hurt my ears and bothered everyone. It always took way too long for me to find the right one too. So on this day I was almost done with my pass and I was at the moment pulling meds for a patient. I saw out of the corner of my eye a woman coming down the hall. She was young with long blond wavy hair and was wearing a long beige coat. It was Saturday and a normal day for visitors so I was going to make note of where she was going. She passed right behind me in full stride going down the hall. I turned to tell her not to go out the end of the hall which had an alarm which would trip. She disappeared! Boom nothing there! I thought wow where did she go. I had to put the medications back into my cart and lock it up quickly. I then proceeded down the hall into the few rooms left to look for her. She was nowhere to be found. This is an example of a typical experience for me. It is also a perfect example of a hospital and how activity can happen anywhere

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