Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ghost Hunters Crescent Hotel

Anyone who knows me knows there’s no place I’d rather be than sitting out on the veranda at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas. I have spent countless nights there. I simply can’t get enough of the hotels Victorian charm and of course its ghosts. Some of you may have seen this footage before when it aired on Ghost Hunters but it’s worth watching again.


  1. THAT is so cool! Oh my gosh. I love that show but don't get to watch it much at home :(

    What was that on the apparitions arm that was red? That is what caught my eye first of all!

    I want to go stay there!!!

  2. Mindy, as far as the “red,” it is the number two painted on the locker. This video was shot using a thermal camera so the red is just showing heat—on a cold metal locker. To me, the really cool part about this video is I was at the hotel about a month before this was shot and even though the hotel is full of beautiful antique furniture I kept taking pictures of this locker. Every time I walked passed it I got the strangest feeling. When we got home my husband was looking at the pictures and asked, “Why did you take so many pictures of that ugly locker?” Now I know.