Monday, April 25, 2011

Back To The Basics

If your *cough* you're like me, you find yourself struggling with all  those little grammar rules you once supposedly learned in school. When I was writing Angelina's Secret my daughter, Keshia, proofread my manuscript and caught many of my mistakes. Realizing most people may not have their own genius daughter to rely on, I've searched the Internet looking for articles to help other writers remember some of these beastly little rules. I found this one very helpful.
Know the difference between to, too and two


To offers writers two uses, as follows:

1. To as a preposition: To is one of the most often used prepositions to introduce a prepositional phrase, which indicate location and condition, among others.
For example: to the store, to another city, to the boats.
Punctuation: No commas are used with this To.

You can view the complete article here.

Know the difference between to, too and two