Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy, Happy, HAPPY

Writing a book is hard. Getting one published can be down right excruciating. Usually by the time a book hits the shelf, countless hours have been poured into it—not only by the author, but by the publisher, editors, and cover designers.

I will never forget the sheer joy I felt the first time I held a REAL copy of my first book. It was surreal. Suddenly, all of the work, all of the ups and downs was finally worth it. I didn’t think that I’d ever experience anything like it again… I was wrong.
A few weeks ago when my daughter handed me a copy of HER book, all of those wonderful feelings came back. Knowing what it takes to get a book published and knowing that she had went the distance made me so extremely happy and proud that I find the experience hard to put into words. Not only is my daughter a wonderful Christian, but she's an awesome daughter, sister, wife, mother, and an EXCELLENT author. Today is her first novels official release and I simply couldn't be any prouder of her. Please join me in congratulating her in this monumental event. You can find Keshia here or here.
Blood Bound is available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, WalMart, etc order your copy today!!!