Monday, November 28, 2011

Night-time Visitor

Over the weekend, I ran across an interesting article about a 5-year-old boy who claims he can’t sleep at night because a “man with a gray face” sits on his bed and keeps him up talking all night. I, of course, was immediately intrigued. “Angelina’s Friend” the short-story Prequel to Angelina’s Secret is a fictional account of basically the same thing: a young child visiting with the house’s unseen occupant. But unlike Angelina’s parents, this child’s parents actually believe him. Although they have never seen this man, they have heard what sounded like movement in parts of the house they knew to be empty, furniture too heavy for their small son to move has been re-arranged, and objects on shelves over their son’s head have been moved to the floor. The boy’s father (who is a former unbeliever) noted that such activities have increased since they began remodeling their home. This caught my attention because my personal experiences always seem to increase when I remodel as well.

But what I found even more interesting was the comment section after the news article. Of course, everyone on the internet is an expert. The poor kid was “diagnosed” with everything from an overactive imagination to sleep paralysis. And from readers who believed his claims, the reactions varied from “It’s a lonely, harmless ghost, who’s glad someone can hear him,” to “Move immediately” or “Call an exorcist.”

Check out the article yourself, and tell me what your take on the situation is.  

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