Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Road To Publication Part 2

My first reality check was discovering that the larger publishing houses do NOT deal directly with the authors. (See, I told you I was naïve.) They deal with the author’s agent. Soooo I decided I must need one of those. I mean, how hard could it be?

Now knowing I needed an agent; I began trying to educate myself on exactly how this publishing process worked. I read many, many, books on the subject. Still trying to clarify everything in my mind, I diligently searched the Internet, looking for more answers. That’s when I stumbled on an amazing site called Query Tracker. Here I was able to learn more about the publishing process, but more importantly, I was able to connect with other aspiring authors. If you haven’t heard of QT you can check them out here to connect with other authors go here

After writing, rewriting and polishing my query, I started the long and oftentimes heart wrenching process of finding an agent. To my surprise, this ended up being more like a full time job. After receiving several, (okay a bunch) of form rejections, I reworked the query letter. I went through this process multiple times. When my query letter started producing more request than rejections, I knew it was finally doing its job.

Getting quite a few requests from agents wanting to see the MS, I knew I was close to getting an agent…then the rejections came… one after another. Using the same thought I’d had with my query, I knew the MS must need a little more work. I stopped looking for an agent and put that effort back into making my MS shine. When it was the best possible work I could do, I started once again looking for an agent. Having enough rejection letters to wallpaper my house I finally placed the book with a reputable agent and let me tell you, It. Felt. Good. My work, for the time anyway, was complete. I was sure my agent would call any day to tell me he had just received an offer.  

Check back on Monday to see how right… or wrong… I was.


  1. Wow, that is really interesting... and scary :)
    I've saved the link in my bookmarks and I wanted to thank you again for your suggestions. Daytime doesn't work very much for me, so I'll see if night time helps :P

  2. Your welcome Franny. Good luck to you. :)