Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Road To Publication Part 1

I know some of you are aspiring authors so I’ve decided to do a few short post (maybe more) describing my journey down the road to publication. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.  

I always dreamed of being an author, but between raising kids, work, and life in general, that dream kept getting put on hold. With my daughter in college and my son, a senior in High School, I decided the time was finally right for me to get this dream started.

Going with the thought of, write what you know, I started my first book. On Haunted Ground, originally titled, Our ParaNormal Lives, this is a non-fiction work and it took a little over a year to write. Of course, some of that time was spent trying to relearn all of those little grammar rules  I’m not quite sure I ever knew.

Finishing the book, I remember feeling a great sense of accomplishment. I had actually done it!!! Now, all I had to do was get it published… and yes… unfortunately, I was that naïve. I thought writing the book was the hard part.

Be sure to stop back by to learn of my reality check.


  1. This might be a very helpful topic. I'll ask you the same question I've asked Kate, I'm interested in hearing more than one opinion.
    What would you do if you have an idea,, a very general one, but you can't think of anything else?

  2. Franny all books start with an idea--so you're ahead of the game. I'll be posting more about this later, but in my experience I have found if you just start writing the characters tell you what to do. :)