Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HaPpY... October

Most of you know by now that I love Halloween so much that one day simply isn’t enough time to celebrate it. I need the whole month. Typically, I use this time on here to share real ghost stories from my own experiences and I’ve even shared some of yours as well. (Thanks again for those.) 

This year I will be doing something different—as in this is something, I’ve wanted to do for a long, l o n g, time. *drum roll please* I will be spending three glorious days in Jefferson Texas including Halloween. 

What’s in Jefferson Texas? You might ask.  

Well, for starters, according to the Discover, Travel and Scifi channels, Jefferson is considered the most haunted small town in Texas.

But wait…

     there’s more.  

I will not only be spending the Halloween season in the most haunted town in Texas, I will be setting up a vendors table at the Fall History, Haunts, and Legends Event!!!!!
In between listening to these amazing speakers, I will be selling signed copies of my ghostly books, handcrafted bookends, and ghost pictures that I have taken over the years. In case you couldn't tell, I am beyond excited about this. Before you turn green with envy, let me say that YOU can come too.
For more information and pricing go here 
Jefferson has it all. Haunted hotels, B&B's, restaurants, etc. I will be exploring some of my "hope for stops" along with their ghostly tales right here, virtually, you know before I actually go. So stay tuned for more details on my upcoming trip.

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