Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Ghost Pic

One of the greatest things about my interest in ghosts is meeting people who are willing to share their ghost stories—and on occasion, their “unusual” pictures.  However, sometimes the “ghosts” in these pictures are very hard to see. To be honest, you might have to squint one eye, while covering the other one and you usually have to use lots of imagination to see what someone is trying to show you.
As you can probably see, that isn’t the case with this picture. Even though I can see several anomalies, one image made me stand up and say “WOW!” Without me saying anything else about what I think, I see, I’m asking YOU for some feedback. Please take a look and leave a comment.
With a picture this good, I know many will automatically assume it was photo shopped, so let me tell you what little I know about it. Wanting pictures of his work, an acquaintance of my husband was taking pictures on a construction site and he got a little more than he bargained for.


  1. Wow this is awesome! Makes me wonder about the history of the construction site

  2. Thanks Keshia, but what do you see? Is it a man? Woman? What about the clothes?

    1. I'm going to say a Native American woman in a dress with her hair in a bun. I could be wrong though... What does everyone else think?

  3. Yep, even though the face seems kind of masculine, I think it probably is a woman. I'm curious about the collar--it seems familiar somehow.

  4. This is a wonderful photo! I see civil war era woman .....