Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Hollywood Moment


My husband and I were out running around today and we decided to stop at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. To my surprise, On Haunted Ground was sitting proudly on the shelf, next to one of my favorite authors, Leslie Rule.

This was the very first time I’ve ever seen one of my books on the shelf and I have to say I LIKED IT. I liked it a lot! As a matter of fact, I liked it so much, I whipped out my cell and took a picture of it. And then my husband took another picture of me and my book!

After he took the picture he noticed a man looking at us like…Are you two crazy or what?!?!

My husband proudly told him, “That’s her book—she wrote it.”

The man asked me what it was about and then asked to see it. He promptly turned to the author page and compared me with the picture. After scrutinizing it, he said, “Hey that’s you.” We then got into a small discussion over ghosts.
Greatest. Moment. Ever.



  1. Congratulations Lisa. You deserve your Hollywood moment. Hope there is many more to come.

  2. How cool is this!?! I'm sooo happy for you!!

  3. So excited for you! That has to be a great feeling. :)

  4. Thanks Keshia. It is a great feeling, but remember YOU also have a chapter in that book so you too are on the shelf. :)