Sunday, June 3, 2012


YAY!!! It’s almost here! This is your official invitation to Angelina’s first blog tour. Please say you’ll come, please, please, please. There’s going to be lots of cool stuff going on including reviews, guest posts and three autographed copies of Angelina’s Secret will be given away.

This is the schedule:
June 4th - (Review & Blog Tour Intro)
June 5th - (Review) Claire @
(Guest Post) Amanda @
June 6th - (Review) Savannah @
June 7th - (Guest Post) Krystal @
June 8th - (Review) Trini @
June 11th - (Guest Post) Minday @
June 12th - (Review) Andrea @
June 13th - (Review) Raquel @
June 14th - (Guest Post) Chayse @
June 15th - (Guest Post) Megan @
June 15th - (Guest Post) @