Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking for Halloween plans?

Have you made your Halloween plans yet? If not, I have a few suggestions for you, based on mass amounts of research. (T.V. programs and internet searches) 

Savannah GA- The most haunted town in America
Reasons to go:
Several parts of the town supposedly built on top of old cemeteries. (Bonus creepy points)
The17-hundred-90 Inn, where Anna Powers leaped to her death off a 3rd floor balcony. She supposedly haunts room 208
Mercer Williams House – from the true crime novel Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.

Tombstone, Az.
Reasons to go:
The O.K Corral shootout happened just days before Halloween in 1881
Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, known for poltergeist activity, possibly even haunted by Doc Holliday.
Bird Cage theatre, you can hear disembodied gamblers and opera singers
The town is named Tombstone.  Come on!

 Salem Mass.
Reasons to go:
Salem With Trials, need I say more? 

New Orleans, LA
Reasons to go:
Some of the best ghost tours in the US (So I’ve heard)
Witchcraft ceremonies

Brandywine Valley, PA
Reasons to go:
Eastern State Penitentiary-What’s creepier than an abandoned Gothic church-turned prison?
And on a side note, they have a Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off

Estes Park, Co.
Reasons to go:
The Stanley Hotel, the setting for Stephen King’s The Shining offers hotel ghost tours, including an underground tunnel.

Providence, R.I
Reasons to go:
Jack O’Lantern Spectacular, Over 10,000 carved pumpkins are on display at the Roger Williams Park Zoo.
Okay, so it doesn’t have anything to do with ghosts, but how cool is this?

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