Monday, August 22, 2011

Alcatraz Part 2

As I searched the Internet, it seemed the ghost stories of Alcatraz were endless. People claim they have witnessed everything from hearing screams to smelling smoke and seeing the heavy metal doors closing on their own. Some even say they have seen full-bodied apparitions who talk about the abuse they suffered during their incarceration. If, as many believe, ghosts return to haunt the places where they suffered traumatic experiences it’s no wonder Alcatraz is haunted. Although some of these stories seem a little outlandish, others make me want to jump on a plane and go see for myself.

They say that even before the prison was built, mystery and fear surrounded the island. Supposedly, the Native Americans believed the island was an energy portal where evil spirits were allowed to come through. Some think this may explain "The Thing" with glowing eyes that had been witnessed over the years by both prison staff and inmates.

During the 1940’s, an inmate was put in “The Hole” for breaking one of the many rules at Alcatraz. According to the guard, the inmate began screaming soon after being locked in. The prisoner claimed that some creature with "glowing eyes" was in there with him. The man’s screams continued into the night until finally, there was silence.

 The following day, when the guards went into the cell, they found that the inmate was dead and there were handprint marks around his throat.

To add to the mystery, on the day following the tragedy, several guards who were performing a head count noticed that there were too many men in the lineup. Then, at the end of the line, they saw the man who had recently been strangled. After getting the guards, attention the man disappeared.

Some believe “The Thing,” with glowing eyes murdered the prisoner while others think it was the ghost who many prisoners and guards claimed to continually see walking “D” block wearing 1800’s clothing. Of course, others point their finger at the guards thinking one of them had simply been fed up with the man’s screaming.